Music is medicine…

Music is a universal language, and I enjoy being an ambassador and interpreter of this language. I appreciate and play many styles of music and improvise, compose, produce, write and record. I’m a big fan of sing-alongs, saluting the musical genius of bands and artists who have written many good songs waiting to be sung again and again in groups and gatherings. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and I play all of the instruments on these songs with the exception of fiddle courtesy of Kurt Baumer and backing female vocals on Wild Winds by Kerry Narew. All of these tunes were recorded and engineered at my last home studio located in Niwot, CO.

My musical roots began in our home, growing up near Pittsburgh, PA., where I was influenced by a very musical family. That formative, family experience combined with AM and FM radio is where music made a lasting stamp on my life. Sitting with my guitar on the steps of the local park on a summer evening with my friends singing Beatles, CSN&Y, Led Zeppelin, Hank Williams, Cat Stevens, etc. was how I learned to appreciate sing-alongs and the beauty and power of the potential of community and music.

I received a BFA in painting and design from Carnegie-Mellon University. I have paintings and prints in the collections of Times-Journal Publishing and the Carnegie Institute of Technology. I have designed books and taught, most notably as a visiting artist at the University of Colorado. I owned and was the master-printmaker at 14 Window Press which published hand-made, award-winning serigraph art prints made in collaboration with various Native American artists. I’m also a published photographer; my website is

I have received modest but appreciative FM radio play on a few of my songs and I have most humbly received warm reviews for my original lyrical content for “Cry Like Water”. My Beatles covers were a feature of Breakfast with the Beatles on KQMT, The Mountain, radio.

I’ve lived in Colorado and the desert southwest for the past two-thirds of my life and I continue to explore and expand my adventures in the land of big skies, mountains, deserts and the prairies. In 2017 I played mandolin at the Roosevelt Lodge cowboy cookouts at Yellowstone. Currently, I’m enjoying family, friends, music, photography, the big outdoors and travel wherever a song may come along to make the day that much better.

Because of two rascally and lovable grandkids, I’ve also started to write music and songs for children ( and their parents ) to enjoy. I also have been exploring ambient scores for video and film.

This is my new music website, my music, recorded over the past eighteen years and this is just a small portion of dozens of songs I’ve created. Come back. I’m building this website myself so I’m on a learning curve but I’m learning how to lean into the curves!

I haven’t yet figured out how to add a Captcha link but in the meantime you can email me at